Why an online game?

As the construction of a MORBAK electronic board is not easily accessible to the general public, it was natural to democratize the game, to develop a digital version obviously with identical rules. An online game is born,  unpretentious, but with the ambition of bringing  together players from around the world, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where you can play but also communicate. For a detailed description of the interface, browse the tutorial.

Whatever the version, electronic or online, this multiplayer game is without artificial intelligence, one facing a human opponent, either in front of you or connected to the other end of the earth behind his computer, his tablet or also his smartphone! Indeed the multiplayer game MORBAK works with any device (quoted above) connected, supports all browsers and doesnt require any download! Just need good internet connection  because of a micro cut and the game is lost.

To create emulation and further motivate some players, a ranking was developed. Its goal is not to put players in competition but to sharpen insight and strategies along with the fair play and courtesy which remain the name of the game.

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