a multiplayer game and a lot of questions

At what age can you start playing MORBAK?

Some gifted children are chess champions at 4  so … It is reasonable to introduce this game from the age of 6 . MORBAK like chess, allows the very young or not so young to improve cognitive performance, especially reasoning skills.

Who can build a MORBAK?

All those who wish to ! However, the construction requires handling a drill and a soldering iron, minors must be under the responsibility of an adult.

How can we customize MORBAK?

23 color LED and 6 switch colors are available, therefore thousands of possible combinations. Moreover, by customizing the box, each constructed MORBAK will certainly be UNIQUE!

Can we be sure it will work?

One is never sure of anything … But following the detailed tutorial provided with the package, the chances of failure are almost zero.

I’ve never welded/ soldered, can I build a MORBAK?

Just learn and it’s not difficult. Many videos are available on the net. In addition, the plates provided  are PCB professional quality and it  is very easy to solder the components on.

Which soldering iron use should I use?

We recommend a 15W power model  with a pointed iron facility, such as the C15 brand Antex iron which is very good.

What is in the package offered to build a MORBAK?

It contains all the necessary electrical and electronic components, but not the medium timber required  to build the case. Do not panic, this is  widely available in all good DIY stores for a few euros. All components supplied  have the CE and / or rohs certification.
A construction tutorial is also provided as well as pedagogical activity sheets optimized for 13-15 years old pupils.

What happens if a given component is broken or defective?

There are spare parts in the package for each type of component.

What tools do we need to build a MORBAK?

Check the list of tools.

How long does it take to build a MORBAK?

Hard to say, it all depends on the ability of each to master the speed drilling or welding tutorials , the choice of printed circuit boards pierced or not … A generous estimate of 20h-40h of work for one person alone. If the spots are distributed to many, it goes faster …

Choice of printed circuit boards, drilled or undrilled?

Everyone is free to choose but for school students, it is advisable to take at least one set of non-  pierced plates. It is a precision activity that most students discover and enjoy!

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