certificate of authenticity of multiplayer game morbak

After finalizing the construction of a prototype, for its approval as a MORBAK mutliplayer game, the builder must contact us, sending pictures / videos in order to view the game and its operation. He will then receive by mail a certificate of authenticity. The name given to the prototype is free. It can for example take the form of the name of the game followed by the name of its manufacturer or the place where it was built, or other more unusual names. However the names « prototype MORBAK xxx » are reserved for YSEC company. This will verify the uniqueness of the name given to the prototype and  it reserves the right to reject it if it is not found to comply with the code of ethics of the game.

In case of exchange, donation, purchase or sale of a game, the certificate of authenticity shall be transferred to the new owner together with the prototype.

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