In what game category can MORBAK be classified?

MORBAK is primarily a set of rules: players adhere to a set of obligations and agreements.

It takes two to tango, so as a board game.

Luck plays no role  in MORBAK, the game is based players’ reasoning, so this is a puzzle game. Could say also a mind game or thinking game.

It is obviously possible to implement strategies (attack and / or defense) in MORBAK, to achieve a known target (make a line), so this is also a game of strategy, although nowadays the term generally means war games or simulation games.

Thus, like checkers, chess or the game of go, MORBAK is an abstract strategy game, with the following main features:

– It pits two players playing in turn.
– It’s a complete information game, ie  all  elements are known.
– Luck is not involved in player conduct, reflection is the only motor of the game.

To learn more about abstract games, just check the « bible », I mean the site is undoubtedly the most comprehensive site on the topic, it identifies almost all of these games, papatilleul did a great job!

The construction of an electronic MORBAK allows to cover many chapters of the physics program at middle school, we can also consider it is an educational game.

Finally ,online MORBAK brings together several players at the same time in the same universe, the MORBAK universe ! This is a free multiplayer game!

Even if the goal is the same:  line up four consecutive squares of the same color,  horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the MORBAK is not a connect 4 or tic tac toe game! Much more strategic and captivating, while remaining simple, just read the rules, browse the tutorial and  play online to discover the subtleties of MORBAK.

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