Which square to play on to get a good start at the game?

Which is the best strategy to start the game at MORBAK? Some beginners ask for advice and almost all of them make  the same mistake several times when they start. This short article aims at saving them  time in learning multiplayer puzzle game MORBAK  and reducing the risk of defeat in the very first games.

it’s my turn to start the game, which box should i light up?

It is very difficult to answer this question because there are a lot of attacks and open strategies at MORBAK . Just like the question of which square not to play so as not  to give a preliminary advantage  to my opponent?

It is much easier to answer this question. Indeed it is quite easy to determine the most powerful square on the chessboard. This is simply the one that allows to make more lines. Have you found it ?
If a player plays this box at the very begining of the game, a good level of opponent will probably switch it to his own color, and then take it back.
So what is the box that it is not advisable to play when starting a game?

Please note that a very experimented player can start a game with any square if he has a good strategy in mind.

which strategy to start a morbak game?

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