rules of multiplayer game morbak

The multiplayer game MORBAK  can be in digital or electronic platform version with same rules.

It is a puzzle game played with 2 players. Players take turns and draw a straw to decide who starts. At the start of the next game the loser or a new player starts.

The game consists of a central square chessboard of 49 squares, each player is assigned a color that can be lit on the same square.
The aim of the game is to complete a line: line up four consecutive squares of the same color,  horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Each player has the possibility to perform color switches: turn off the oppponent’s color on a square to turn on his own instead.

  • Color switches can be performed anywhere and anytime on the board.
  • You can only switch once on the same square.

Each player can perform blocking moves: with his own color already on a box, a player can make this box unswitchable, meaning the color can no longer be changed by the opponent.

  • We can perform blocks anywhere and anytime on the board.
  • Attention a player cannot turn on a box and perform a block simultaneously on it (this would count as 2 moves).

Each player has a maximum of 7 permutations and/or blocks per game. 

  • Each player has the right to one neutralization move: he can neutralize a square which has been switched or blocked by the opponent and thus render it unusable for both players.

The winner is the player who completes a line first.

If  no more moves are possible and no player has completed a line, then there is a tie or the game is void.

Each player has 15 minutes maximum per game, if a player exceeds this time limit he loses the game.

Each player has 2 minutes maximum to make a move and if he takes longer he loses that turn.

However on electronic board game players can agree to modify or cancel these time constraints.

Lite version

To initiate very young players, the rules are the same but each player has 6 permutations and there are no neutralizations or blocks.

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