black switch
white switch
red switch
yellow switch
green switch
blue switch
the switches of morbak

Whether for an educational project in school (call for projects) or for a particular (customized MORBAK), a wide range of colors is available for LEDs and switches. To customize his own MORBAK, everyone can choose the colors he wants. Moreover, personalization of the box will make every single MORBAK unique! The only requirement of the specification is to show the logo on the box. A multiplayer game in high colors where everyone can give free rein to his imagination and decorate the box as desired.

Below the different colors available for LEDs and switches, an explanation of the different choices of components to do, then a link to the document to download, complete and return to finalize the order.

led red
led tomato
led orange
led orange peach
led golden
led yellow
led yolk
led green
led lime
led mint
led leaf
led aqua
led cyan
led blue
led sand
led cherry
led magenta
led pink
led lavander
led shakura
led purple uv
led warm white
led white
LEDs of morbak


the different available colors for the leds and switches

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