Morbak and Connect 4 have two things in common, both are mind games and have the same purpose: line up four consecutive squares of the same color on a chessboard,  horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Connect 4 is a very pleasent game, especially for kids,  very easy to learn and we’re so many to enjoy it. But despite 1012 combinations (one thousand billions), Connect 4 is a solved game. If you start in the middle column and play well you obviously win.  Nobody’s perfect but knowing that the deepth of the game decreases dramatically. Most of the site which offer this game claim it is multiplayer but in fact extremely few allow to challenge real life opponents. At the end you sadly play against a weak AI on a pessimistic interface.

Morbak’s rules are almost as simple as those of connect 4 , please be free to browse the tutorial, but the depth and the interest of the game are much higher. Some special moves make it very tactical with plenty of strategies, but still very easy to learn! Although this is not yet proven mathematically as it is a new game, there are about 1030 combinations at Morbak. This is slightly more than Othello (1028) and one billion more than checkers (1021)!

The Morbak platform is entirely dedicated to this game. We’re proud to make it friendly, warm and of course efficient. No artificial intelligence on our interface. Pure multiplayer mind game you challenge human being connected opponents. And if there is not, do something else, while staying connected if desired. One can also watch the games in progress, and may hear an invitation to play…


Guest mode available, play in 2 clicks without registration!

100% free, no advertising!

Accessible from all devices, no download required!

Fancy and friendly interface!

Warm and fair-play atmosphere!

Challenge real life opponents, no AI!

Try your hand and apply your skills to Morbak here!




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