Before becoming an online multiplayer game, the very first prototype of MORBAK was born thanks to the pugnacity of passionate students, who worked for four years on the project. Thanks to Séverine, Briana, Maeva, Deborah, Anne, Vincent, Quentin, Malik and all the others and congratulations to them!

« I was motivated to do this project because it allowed me to learn new things like stripping wires, using new tools, welding, drilling. But above all it allowed me to make the link between theory and practice. And also it is a chance to complete a unique  project can certainly never be redone. And see it take shape each week to have the pride to say  that we did it!  » Séverine, age 14

« I wanted to do this project because I must admit, I have never been very good at physics since. Helping to build this game allowed me to catch up and be proud of myself for once. Succeeding with my friends in a project like this is a rare opportunity . It also allowed me to better understand electricity. This is only a prototype but  involved several months of work, I will not forget this game and these moments with my classmates  » Briana, age 14

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