The key of the game : the lines of attack

In the game below, this is morbak playing, he still has a permutation remaining but charly85 has three and its neutralization. A wicked eye could think that at this stage the game is balanced and indecisive and even that charly85 has the advantage. Charly85 either knows or doesnot know but morbak is gonna win the game if he perfectly plays the next moves. Indeed, he has enough lines of attack to go for the offensive and defeat his opponent.

The lines of attack, the heart of multiplayer game MORBAK 🙂

Who wins the game?

The lines of attack
What is a line of attack?

A line of attack consists of four boxes. This is a configuration that allows a player when he will play a box, to force his opponent to use a permutation, a block or the neutralization at the next move.

For example the line of attack F7-F4. If red plays F4 or F5, blue will necessarily have to switch or neutralize at the next move.

How many lines of attack morbak has?

What would you say dude?

Check all the lines of attack of the player morbak
The lines of attack
See the progress of the game

This is morbak playing. He has 5 lines of attack while charly85 has only 4 special moves (three permutations/blocks and the neutralization). If morbak plays a defensive moves he loses, while victory is assured if it launched the offensive.

morbak plays E5 - charly85 switches E5

The lines of attack

morbak plays F4 - charly85 switches F4

The lines of attack

morbak plays G2 - charly85 neutralizes E4

The lines of attack

morbak plays B3 - charly85 blocks D4 - morbak plays B5 - charly85 plays E2 - morbak wins playing B4

The lines of attack

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